Frugal Way to Have Door Mats That Collect Dirt

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    Leftover Carpeting

    • If you have carpeting and kept the leftovers, use a piece for an effective door mat. The ultimate benefit of this project is that the door mat is free because you are using existing material, but you also have the advantage of matching the décor inside your home and customizing the size and shape. Measure the rectangular space near your door where you will lay the mat. If you are in question about an appropriate size, make it larger than smaller because your guests can leave their shoes on the extra material and further prevent dirt from reaching your floors. Draw a faint pencil line the size and shape of the mat and use a box cutter or large scissors to cut over your line. Some brand-name mats use shapes such as hearts and ovals, so be creative with your project if you don't want the basic rectangle.

      Most homeowners who carpet their floors keep the excess material for patchwork, so if you don't have any, call some of your neighbors or friends and family. Styles change over time and those who kept extra rolls of carpet may want a newer print or material, so they won't miss a donated piece. Consider which of your friends has a similar décor so your mat still complements your indoor space.

    Floor Samples

    • Floor samples are everywhere. As fashions and tastes change, old samples are thrown away or placed on sale for low prices on auction websites. Visit your local flooring provider to see if it has any discontinued carpet samples. Most will give them to you for free and some may charge a small fee that is still cheaper than prefabricated mats.

      You can also find a variety of carpet samples or pieces online. Companies use online auction websites to get a small value for discontinued products, which presents a great opportunity for you to get a door mat at a low cost.

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