Aloe Vera - A Must For Your Household"s Health

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With the popularity of natural products and the health advantages they offer, you've probably heard of the plant called Aloe Vera.
If not, you really need to get acquainted with this handy plant that has been used for centuries among the peoples of many nations as a healing remedy for several conditions.
It is a "succulent" that contains a gel-like substance which has what can only be described as miraculous properties.
For some time in western culture it has been used as an ornamental in a pot, but only more recently people have become aware that it's more than a nice potted plant...
Today, there are a variety of products derived from the plant available in the supermarket or health shop.
The local health food store is sure to have a number of Aloe Vera products that are great for every member of your family.
Let's take a quick look at some of these wonderful products and how they are used.
Aloe Vera gel is most likely the most known of the plant's products.
It usually comes in a tube like toothpaste or a flat jar, you can tell it is gel because it usually has pockets of air bubbles trapped in it.
Some formulations are clear while others are dyed a shade of green.
The natural product is colorless so some of you may prefer the natural version.
Products derived from the plant are relatively inexpensive and they last for some time.
Although the juice, once the container is opened, needs to be refrigerated.
OK so how is Aloe Vera gel useful to us as an everyday medication to have on hand?It is well known for its excellent treatment for burns, whether sunburn or a skin burn from hot water or other sources of heat.
The gel gives relief to burned skin, even in bad cases like second-degree burns.
When applied to a burn, this amazing gel gives almost instant reduction of the burning pain, and has a reassuring cool sensation.
As well as the pain relief, The gel also provides a protective coating of the burn that achieves two important functions - it acts as a barrier against infection and is an excellent healing promoter.
It minimizes scarring as well The sap from the plant is a natural astringent so will clean up cuts and abrasions.
Aloe Vera gel can also soften skin.
If you have rough, dry skin from physical work or through winter chills, an application of this Aloe Vera gel every night for your feet, hands and even face works wonders.
You will be impressed to see how well this works as a secret skin softener.
Used regularly in this fashion, it works wonders.
Older people with the odd wrinkle are very grateful to the plant and the gel extract! Another useful Aloe Vera product is the juice extract, which may be used to gently alleviate constipation, and aid in the control of sebaceous cysts, diabetes and elevated blood lipids.
Soaps based on the plant, as well as lotions and creams are available in health food shops and online.
Its natural healing and softening properties make it a useful and natural addition to any home's bathroom cabinet.
Aloe Vera Benefits - Live.
Many people grow indoor plants for decoration and the Aloe Vera plant is obviously ideal for this purpose, as well as a living source of Aloe Vera juice.
The benefits discussed above are yours by simply getting a bitthe leaf and applying the sap that exudes from the leaf.
In this way you are guaranteed to have a natural supply ofthe sap at all times - a sort of harvest if you like.
As well as the obvious benefits already described, the plant is quite attractive with its spikey, soft leaves.
There is information available on the internet on the care of the plant.
Being a succulent they are native to some pretty arid areas like North Africa, so take care not to over water and if you live in an area that has periods below freezing in Winter then you may have to keep it inside for the Winter or at least in a frost free area.
Each plant should come with instructions.
Make sure you read them and understand what you need to do.
Having a plant around is great because if you have a burn or a cut you can get a portion of leaf and treat the injury there and then.
Another use of Aloe Vera which is brilliant is on hard to heal cracked skin.
If you cover the area that is cracked and damp a piece of adhesive dressing and place it over the crack, it is amazing how quickly that painful crack heals up.
Just remember two things with Aloe Vera - for growing, less is more, and when taking leaves from the plant start with the tips of the outside (older) leaves
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