Saving the World With One Piece of Paper at a Time

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For years a war has raged about how to save the environment and the things people, companies, and governments could be doing to accomplish that task.
I decided it would be good to add my two cents worth.
Don't worry I will keep this simple so that anyone can participate and it will not cost them anything.
In fact; you just may save some money if you are not already doing these things.
Let us talk about paper! yes that white or multicolored stuff that comes in all shapes, sizes and styles.
We have so many uses for it that they are almost unlimited.
At home, at work and even in the middle of nowhere you will find paper being used for an assortment of things.
The problem really is not that we use paper so much; it's more of an issue about how we waste paper so much.
Think about the paper you handle in a day.
Sticky notes, letters, advertisements, news papers, magazines, paper for wrapping things, paper for receipts, paper for the bathroom and kitchen.
The list goes on and on.
And what happens to all this paper? You guessed it; most of it is just tossed away and ends up in landfills, on the roads and yes; even in the pristine oceans and forests.
True it does degrade fairly easily and really does not hurt the environment as much as some other things we toss out.
Is there something we can do about it though? Why not! here are some things that we can all do to make some changes that will benefit everyone.
Where does a lot of our mail come from? Businesses and companies that we have relations with.
We get bills and advertisements from these places on a regular basis.
Would it not be prudent to change this? Sure we can not stop the bills but we can change how they are delivered.
Most companies these days have options for online or paperless billing.
It may seem like a trivial thing but if we could make that change a lot of paper would be saved.
Not only can we change getting paper bills but we can change how these companies contact us.
Instead of sending notices or ads to us via mail we can have them sent to email.
This may seem like a small thing but when you think about the amount of mail a company sends out to it's customers this accounts for huge volumes of paper which in turn can keep millions of trees from being cut.
On top of that it saves us the headache of shredding or disposing of all those papers with sensitive information.
Here is another great way to save paper.
How many times have you bought a newspaper or a magazine? You may even have subscriptions for these items.
Did you know that many of these like the Wall Street Journal offer online editions? You can read them anywhere from a PC or Net-book and don't have to worry about where to put it or what to do with it after your done reading.
This also saves these companies millions in printing and shipping costs.
Definitely something to look into and see if those newspapers or magazines you have can be sent over the internet.
It's a great way to help out and may save you some cash as sometimes those subscriptions are cheaper.
A third way you can save paper is by taking advantage of other things around the house for all those needed or fun notes you write.
Things like having a whiteboard on the fridge for your reminders and grocery lists will definitely cut down on your use of sticky pads which besides the use of paper have toxins in the glue.
Don't forget the use of napkins and paper towels! We have become over dependent on them.
many fine dining establishments will use linens for their guests to wipe up.
These are washed and sanitized and reused the next day.
What a great way to save some paper! Could not we do the same thing at home.
There are many styles and colors to choose from.
They are easy to clean as well; and think of the savings you will create by not having to buy new paper towels or napkins.
Another option I will present may require some open thinking.
Think about how much paper you use in the bathroom to clean the unsightliness! have you ever looked at that toilet paper and seen the tear marks? Why do you think they are there? These companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars doing studies o how much toilet paper is really needed.
Most will suggest that only 2 pieces are needed to wipe effectively.
That may sound gross but it does work, The paper is strong enough and thick enough that you will get anything on your hands, of course no matter what you should always wash afterward with soap.
If this sounds like too far fetched of an idea to save paper there is another option here that is commonly used all around the world.
Replace that paper completely with a Bidet.
This device can be added onto your standard toilet very easily and quite cheaply.
And instead of using paper to clean now you can use clean water to rinse your underside without ever leaving the toilet.
no matter which one of these you choose to do we all appreciate your efforts.
It may seem like a small think but it will go a long way towards improving both our environment and the quality of life we enjoy.
Thank everyone for your help!
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