Lower Your Blood Pressure Before it Turns Into Disaster

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Apparently, we have come to the fast food age where everyone completely depends on fast food because they do not have enough time to prepare for their own foods.
Generally speaking, even if these fast food chains advertise that their foods are healthy, it is still rich in fat, sodium, and other chemicals that can be harmful to our body.
Because of this, hypertension, heart diseases and stroke have become a common condition among us.
These conditions do not only affect the older population but the younger population as well.
Some of the factors that cause the increase in BP would be unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of physical activities.
Once a person is already diagnosed with hypertension, he will be advised to make some necessary changes in his lifestyle and will be prescribed with medications that will manage and control the hypertension.
It is very important to maintain and control the BP because being hypertensive for a long period of time can cause possible complications such as heart diseases and stroke.
Before it turns into disaster, it is very important to lower your blood pressure and maintain it in normal levels.
Apparently, diet plays a very important role in maintaining BP.
With the right diet, you will see how it can drastically decrease your blood pressure in a short span of time.
Here are some useful dietary tips that will help you lower your blood pressure.
Decrease your consumption of fats.
Fats coming from butter, mustard oil, coconut oil, and other sources should be decreased.
Actually, the total intake of this fat energy should be limited to 5-10 grams per day.
Aside from fats, you should also decrease your consumption of animal protein.
Your intake of meat, chicken, pork, eggs, and milk should be restricted to small quantities.
Instead, you should replace it with fruits and vegetables.
Instead of fat energy, your source of energy should be from complex carbohydrates.
Your diet should include apple, orange, papaya, watermelon, tomato, and green leafy vegetables.
It is important to increase the fiber in your diet so that you will feel full without eating too much.
You need to decrease your salt intake and avoid canned vegetables and fruits.
These contain a lot of sodium that will also contribute to increase in BP.
Aside from those foods, you should also avoid salty biscuits, vegetables that are high in sodium such as spinach, turnips, and beetroots should also be limited.
Of course, aside from diet, you also need to make necessary lifestyle changes.
It is very important to have a regular exercise to keep your body active.
You should also consider eliminating your bad habits of smoking and frequent alcohol consumption because it won't do you anything good.
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