You Possibly Can Keep That Motion

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you arrange emotion asking a limit your overall strength got a few more through here we were trying to swing was your last one all the way to the top and relax alright Rhonda side playing with leg raise again get ready and begin up in at left side what's going on right leg as high as you can merger given a straight line all the way through it or so down the leg really focusing on a range emotional right leg up as high as.
you possibly can keep that motion go on nice and slow under control tried to kick that led one nice tight squeeze the top if you can here's your last one and my to relax switch sides go ahead and get ready am beginner on the right side this time with net left leg as high as possible they were so try to keep a nice treat line to the torso down the leg lifting that left leg up as high as possible nice slow controlled motion trying to kick that leg up a tight squeeze the top we're almost done and one more Mary go to relax all right back on those windshield wipers is your last one on this routine to head to ready and begin like stripper those hips rocking those legs back and forth left to right trying to as much a range emotional a torso as you can be sure not to let the shoulders of the ground Sweeter motion go on nice n slow under control really focus on that form as you start getting tired you need to limit the range emotion still go quite as far from left to right I'm really cut trim it forms got a few more through.
I'm and we're almost done two repetitions left or right back over the left and one more over the right and backups right above those hips and relax you're done with group number four which means you're completely done with this workout don't forget to cool down and stretch good a fitness ponder dot com for more full length workout videos and much more if you like this mothers free workouts but help us spread the word by telling Quick Weight Loss Raspberry Ketone everybody you know after all the more people visit our site this is one of the res ponders total by outs hit cardie in tow in this work hours up followed up with a 34-minute to bad routine switching back and forth between a high intensity cardie exercise in a toning exercise and then we're going to a four minute cool down stretch made owners we need the dumbbells for so these exercises however said have dumbbells will come in handy otherwise you can always work.
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