How to Make a Backdrop Out of a Canvas Drop Cloth

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    • 1). Wash the drop cloth in the washing machine. Run through a full cycle using laundry detergent to remove any additives to the fabric.

    • 2). Mix the dye with water and salt in a large bowl. Stir until the salt dissolves.

    • 3). Reset the washing machine to run through a warm wash, cold rinse cycle after the first cycle finishes and the drop cloth is still wet.

    • 4). Watch the machine and repeat the agitate cycle before the rinse cycle occurs.

    • 5). Test the canvas once the cycle completes by holding a corner of the canvas under running water. If the water is clear, proceed. If dye runs out, repeat the cold rinse cycle.

    • 6). Transfer the drop cloth to the dryer or air dry.

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