Maximizing the Use of Food When Training Your Dog

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How many people do you know have to offer a treat (bribe) to their dog to get it to listen? Or maybe you know somebody that has a dog that doesn't listen at all, even when treats are offered? I've seen plenty and maybe you can relate.
The good news is that there is a solution and it is rather easy.
Let me share with you what I've learned about maximizing the use of food when training your dog from a world-famous dog trainer.
I've used these techniques with my own two dogs and yes, it does work.
Here's four easy to learn methods.
1) The Jackpot The basic premise is this, during training, you give your dog small treats and then at the end, give them a big one or "the jackpot".
Let me explain.
When the size of the reward varies, the dog stays motivated and interested.
They lose that interest and motivation when it's the same little piece of kibble every time.
We are the same way.
We like to get small gifts first and then open up the grand finale last.
Or the lottery, we play and keep playing because we want the big jackpot.
My dogs are happy to get any kind of treat but when it's special the training really gets a boost.
This way they keep performing in the hopes they are going to get that special treat or the jackpot.
It's also good to not only vary the size of the treat but to change-up the type of treat.
Some good examples of "jackpot" treats might be a piece of meat (no bones) or a kibble with some peanut butter on it or even a piece of cheese.
Use your imagination but be sure to keep in mind some of the higher fat content in some and keep it turned down.
2) Many jackpots Say the jackpot you decide on is one whole hot dog.
How can you make that more appealing to a dog? By chopping it into 6 to 8 pieces.
Now, at the end of the training, they think they are going to get their jackpot reward but instead, they get many jackpots.
To a dog, getting 6 or 8 pieces is way better that getting one piece and they won't believe their luck.
Question: What's better than getting a whole hot dog? Answer: Getting 6 or 8 pieces of one.
3) Not all food is created equal Just like people, dogs have their favorite snacks and treats.
If you want to really turbo boost your dog training, find out what foods your dog will go crazy for.
This is what keeps your dog motivated during training as opposed to a dog that is only half motivated because he is getting the same old stuff all the time.
Like I said before, you need to monitor the dogs intake so be careful with the fatty treats.
Then again, it's not going to be an everyday treat so you can splurge a little bit.
4) Random Reward This will be the goal you should be shooting for.
During training you can start with treats but as the dog learns, you will be fading out the treats to where eventually you will reward randomly.
We all like to get a pat on the back once in a while when we do the right thing and your dog is no different.
Well, there you have it, four great tips on how to get the most out of using food for treats during your dog training.
Keep in mind these tips came from a professional dog trainer.
I hope you've enjoyed this article about maximizing the use of food when training your dog and with your new knowledge you will ready to train your pet and get the results you've wanted.
Happy training and love your dog.
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