The Development of Your Puppy

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Many people do not believe that your height has anything to do with your success in life, yet you should realize that it indeed does.
Studies have shown this time and time again.
Human height in the present period does have great advantages as to upward mobility.
Now if you are not a tall person, that's okay because there are downsides also.
Tall people generally do not live as long as shorter folks and there are medical studies to prove this.
Many medical researchers believe it has to do with the heart having to work extra hard to pump all that blood from your toes to your head.
After a while as one ages it becomes increasingly more difficult.
Never the less the taller you are the better chances you will make more money in your job and have better upward mobility in society and work and it makes sense that in sports tallness is a positive attribute; that is to say basketball, football and other sports, as there is an obvious advantage to height.
But you ask your self why does it help people at work, in negotiation or upward mobility in society, politics or just getting ahead? Well I have many theories on this actually.
For instance someone who intimidates others often gets their way more and people are less likely to attack them, thus less drag on their life and they can propel their forward momentum easier.
Tall people do not need to intimidate as much, as taller people often automatically intimidate people who are shorter without even knowing it.
Shorter people need to exert themselves more to move forward and thus there are other traits, which are developed.
Some of these traits are offensive and tend to make them less likely to have as many people join their team.
So if you are short, kill them with kindness and recruit taller friends to your inner circle and you should be all right.
Anyway think on this in 2006.
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