How to Use a Nikon N90

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    • 1). Insert batteries by loosening the cover screw on the bottom of the camera with a coin or screwdriver, then remove the battery holder. Place four AA-sized batteries in the correct orientation as shown, return the holder to the camera and re-tighten the screw.

    • 2). Load film by pressing the "ISO" button and rotating the camera dial until "DX" appears on the LCD display. Slide the film lock releases together on the side of the camera and swing open the back panel.

    • 3). Place the film cartridge on the left side of the camera and pull the film until it reaches the red mark on the opposite side. Make sure the film is flush with the camera and not beveling outward.

    • 4). Press the shutter button fully to advance to the first frame. The LCD display will show a "1."

    • 5). Set the lens to auto focus by pushing the switch on it to "A."

    • 6). Rotate the aperture barrel on the lens to its lowest value to open up the camera's iris, which lets in more light.

    • 7). Press the reset button, which has an icon of a circle, and the "+/-" button simultaneously for 2 seconds to put the camera in automatic mode.

    • 8). Aim the camera at the subject and press the shutter button halfway to gain focus. Press it fully to take the picture.

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