How to Make Her Reach Orgasm Easily and Quickly - 5 Red Hot Sex Tips You Must Know

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A man who knows how to make a woman reach orgasm quickly and easily will always be ahead of the others in the game of dating and attracting women.
It's strange that a lot of men do not know the tips and techniques that I am going to share with you here - they can easily turn you into a sex stud no matter how you look or how much experience you have with women.
Read on to discover the killer tips you must know to make a woman climax quickly and easily...
How To Make Her Reach Orgasm Easily And Quickly - 5 Red Hot Sex Tips You Must Know Tip #1: Ramp It Up.
Most men make the mistake of going at steady speed when penetrating a woman or during foreplay.
This is a mistake.
Instead, you should start slow when you are looking at the right spot to touch her.
Then, start slow, and only speed it up slowly.
This will make her arouse easily - remember that women gets aroused much slower than men.
Tip #2: Explore Her Body.
The second biggest mistake that men make when it comes to sex is that they often go straight for the jugular and head directly to the vagina.
Don't do that! Instead, explore the other parts of her body first - particularly in the areas behind her neck, waist, face, hands and knees.
This will make her feel aroused enough for you to penetrate her later on.
Tip #3: Remember To Relax.
If you are stressed up, then she will find it hard to enjoy the whole experience.
Orgasm is only possible when she feels totally comfortable - and if you are unable to come across as confident and relaxed then you will not be able to make her climax.
Tip #4: Do The Combo.
Remember that a woman can orgasm through both G-spot stimulation as well as vaginal penetration / clitoris stimulation.
The best way is therefore to stimulate both her clitoris and vagina! The G-spot is the "hot spot" which you will need to know how to locate.
Why? This is because G-spot orgasms is more intense than the regular vaginal penetration.
The way to give a woman multiple orgasms is to stimulate her G-spot while at the same time touch her clitoris area as well.
I will leave it to your imagination on how to do both at the same time! Tip # 5: Master "Orgasmic Command" Tactics.
There exists certain methods that will enable a man to make a woman orgasm even without touching her.
These methods require you to perform some simple "anchoring" so that whenever a woman hears your verbal command, she will get turned on and even climax altogether.
Killer stuff!
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