Maintenance Tools for a Swimming Pool

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    • Outdoor swimming pools need to be maintained on a regular basis.swimming pool image by apeschi from

      Residential swimming pools need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid permanent damage to the filter system that circulates the pool's clean water. Having effective electric vacuum pumps and other items that make up a complete set of maintenance tools for a swimming pool can cut down significantly on long-term repair costs. If maintenance tools are used regularly, a swimming pool can last for many years without having to be reconstructed.

    Skimmer/Pump Basket

    • Since outdoor pools are exposed to the elements during summer months while the pool remains uncovered, the pool's owner must use a skimmer and pump basket to catch all the debris that tends to accumulate in a pool over a short period. The skimmer portion of this swimming pool maintenance tool is situated near the pool's main water filter area and acts like a small net, catching the debris before it enters the filter. The pump basket that is attached to the skimmer accumulates the debris and then can be easily emptied out by the pool owner when it fills up.

    Cleaning Chemicals

    • In order to kill various forms of bacteria and algae that can build up in a swimming pool over time, it is necessary to use name brand pool cleaning chemicals as an important pool maintenance tool. These types of cleaning chemicals come in granule form as well as tablet form. Either will work as long as the pool's owner uses them on a daily or weekly basis, depending on how often the pool is being used. The best time to use these cleaning chemicals is at night because less evaporation occurs at this time, allowing the chemicals to kill the bacteria at a greater rate.

    Vacuum Pump

    • While it is possible to keep a swimming pool fairly clean by using chemicals and skimmer baskets on a regular basis, it is still a good idea to thoroughly clean the pool once per month by using a strong vacuum pump. Designed to remove medium-sized to large tree leaves and other debris from the pool's floor, a good vacuum pump features a telescoping pole and hose attachment that the user can dip down into the lower bottom of the pool area to clean leaves from the pool's deepest areas.

    Pool Scrubbing Brushes

    • Created specifically to remove bacteria scum build-up from a swimming pool's walls and floor, pool scrubbing brushes average around three feet in total length and contain a large handle at one end and a very durable five-inch brush scrub at the other. The user then drains the pool low enough so he can scrub the walls or floor completely. Cleaning products should also be placed on dirtier areas before the scrubbing begins so that the scum build-up can be cleaned more easily.

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