How to get last minute airline deals

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    • 1). Book online. The internet is one of the greatest resources available to any last minute traveler. Online travel consolidators are websites that offer access to hundreds of flights at any given moment. A traveler can simply input data about their desired destinations into the site. After following instructions, you will see a list of potential flights pop up. Last minute travelers can still take advantage of this system. Some airlines will place deals for the taking to those willing to grab a seat on an under booked flight or snatch a seat after a last minute cancellation.

    • 2). Fly standby. Standby travelers purchase a ticket and then simply show up at the desired airport. After other passengers are allowed on, the standby flier may be allowed to board. A standby seat can save you money over conventional booking. If you have to be somewhere within a given time frame but have some flexibility with your plans this option may be for you.

    • 3). Contact a travel agent. Travel agents are used to working with last minute travelers. A travel agent can show you deals that may be unavailable elsewhere. He can also help you book additional arrangements such as car service to and from the airport.

    • 4). Speak with airlines directly. Call airlines that service the airport of your intended destination. An airline may have seats on a flight that is unexpectedly less than full.

    • 5). Pick an alternative destination. Flying to a place near your intended destination rather than directly there can save you money. A nearby town may have excellent train connections to many larger cities. Train tickets are often cheaper than airline seats. Flying to a slightly further away place and then taking the train for an hour or two can help you save money. Last minute train tickets are much easier to book than last minute plane seats.

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