Why Is the Law of Attraction Not Working for Me?

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The law of attraction states that €like attracts like€ with regards to your feelings and thoughts. If you have positive thoughts and the feelings associated with those thoughts, you will send out positive vibrations to the universe which will be met with positive experiences.

Seasoned law of attraction teachers insist that the LOA is in fact a law and frequently compare it with the law of gravity. According to them it is a proven natural law and, just like gravity, is always at work. This means that you cannot switch it on and off. Even though you may think that the law of attraction is not working for you - it does - all the time. If you are not getting what you want, it is because your thoughts and feelings are more negative which prevents you from manifesting what you really desire.

The Subconscious
I have been working to implement the law of attraction into my life for a while now - admittedly with limited success. I still believe in the law of attraction (believing in it is essential to making it work for you) and have come to the conclusion that it may not have worked that well for me, because I may be thinking positively, but somewhere buried in my subconscious, I have doubts. For example, I tell myself that I am rich, I feel rich and am grateful for all the money that is flowing into my life. However, in my child and teenage years, my parents had a constant concern for money. We were reasonably well off, went on holidays every year etc, but my parents were worried about money and my mother was a real scrimper.

In my childhood my subconscious was programmed to believe that money is a problem and there is never enough to feel truly at ease. Don't get me wrong here - I was not a deprived kid. I was just as well off as most of my friends and the worry that my parents had would make them the laughing stock of many people who are truly poor. It was a middle class type of worry and I have continued to have that worry and therefore seem to constantly struggle with money.

What I am trying to say here is that if the law of attraction is not working for you in any one area, or many areas, you might have to search your inner self for clues as to why this is happening. Just putting on a smile and working up a good feeling itself is not enough - the vibrations that you are trying to create will be corrupted by the programmed subconscious.

So what can you do to re-programme your subconscious? The good news is that re-programming is possible. We used to think that the brain was static, i.e. could not be changed. Science has now proven that neural pathways and synapses change with experiences and behaviour.

There are a number of different techniques to change the programming of your subconscious mind, which some law of attraction teachers call €clearing techniques€. One of the most obvious such technique is meditation. Meditation actually physically changes your brain structure and can therefore increase happiness in your life. Meditation also €clears€ your mind and allows you to access your inner self. I am convinced that meditation is a key element in working with the law of attraction (also see blog post €Meditation and the Law of Attraction€), but so is €awareness€.
Awareness is actually increased when you meditate and life mindfully. By being aware of yourself and how you talk to yourself, you start to realise how your thoughts create your feelings. By monitoring the chatter that your mind is engaging in, you can change your thoughts. If you manage to increase your awareness, your thoughts will become more positive. This is not the same as ignoring negative thoughts or brushing them away. You do need to accept these thoughts and validate any negative feelings that they create. It is no use to just ignore your financial problems and the fears that they might create, for example. But by accepting the feeling of fear and acknowledging that it is normal to feel that emotion, the feeling will dissipate and lose its power. By practicing awareness and acceptance, your subconscious will change your inner beliefs to money (or other areas where you experience lack) and remove €blocks€ that will prevent you from making the law of attraction work for you.

As mentioned before, I am not in a position (yet) where I have managed to make the law of attraction work with me. However, I am constantly chipping away at negative beliefs that are deeply buried inside me. I am being more mindful than I was before I embarked on this €correction course€, meditate (almost) every day and continue to read books that address these blocks. I am currently working through a book on how to address your subconscious mind using Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP (€Take Charge of Your Life with NLP€ by Felix Economakis), which I wholeheartedly recommend.


Although I could find reasons to be frustrated that the Law of Attraction is not real, or not working for me, I do steadfastly believe in it. At any rate, applying its principles and working with your subconscious mind, being more mindful etc, has already increased my resilience and has made my life more positive.

Living in accordance with the Law of Attraction can only help you achieve what you want and get more peace in life. Keep working on it and you will reap the benefits!

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