Top 5 Things to Do in Sicily (Italy)

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Summer is coming and it's time to plan your next holidays.
If you have already booked your trip to South Italy, but you will spend there just a week, here you are some useful tips: 5 things to do in Sicily before coming back home.
Let's tuck in
Have you gone on a diet? Well, forget it! One of the things to do in Sicily is trying absolutely every kind of food the island and its warm people can offer you.
Sweet, salty, spicy, there's a flavour for all tastes.
Food in Sicily has a really important social value and Sicilian people (mothers, above all!) are really proud of their cookery.
Thus, never reject a coffee or a lunch and ask for seconds: you'll make them really happy.
Before leaving, don't forget to have an arancino (but remember to call it arancina in Palermo), some panelle, a dish of caponata and some pasta al forno.
Loosen your belt and...
enjoy your meal! 2.
Visit the Madonie mountains
Of course, if you are going to Sicily you want to spend some time by the sea.
But just know you can't miss a trip to Madonie mountains to enjoy a wonderful view on the whole island, including Mount Etna.
Madonie mountains are perfect for nature lovers, families or adventurous hikers.
The rangers of the park organize several different tours according to your needs and desires.
Have a walk among the paths or ride your mountain bike and choose one of the tracks.
In both cases, the lush nature and the fresh air of Madonie mountains will give you the right energy for the rest of your stay in Sicily.
Attend baby turtles
In Lampedusa isle, in the extreme south at just a stone's throw from Africa, you can take part to an amazing show of the nature.
Help some turtles giving birth and watch some little turtles having their first bath in the Mediterranean sea during a delightful summer night, under the moonlight.
It Italy, turtles just nest in Sardinia, Basilicata and Sicily.
So, be sure to spend a day in Isola dei Conigli bay, it's really worthewhile.
That's definetely one of the most touching things to do in Sicily! 4.
Have a bath among the stacks
Choose your sea stacks and have a bath.
There are some near Cefal├╣, the Norman village renowned for its stunning cathedral, some more in Favignana Isle, in the Aegadian Archipelago, and others in Scopello, below the promontory of Zingaro reserve.
The crystal clear water around the staks is absolutely perfect for snorkelling.
Remember that take a room on a bay would be the top.
Have you ever imagine to wake up and have a sea view? 5.
Become a Sicilian!
Sicilian people are so friendly it won't be difficult to become part of their big family.
Once in Sicily, one of the things you should do is going to a country festivals.
If you love hazelnuts, there is a festival perfect for you in Polizzi Generosa in August.
Try the tasty Caciocavallo cheese in San Mauro Castelverde in June.
Dance, eat and laugh with Sicilian people till getting exhausted and nobody will deny you your Sicilian citizenship.
Ready to go?
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