Changes in Life - Going it Blind

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Have you wondered why God permits us to go through circumstances without revealing the reason why or giving us an idea of the final outcome?  Have you considered it could be to reveal things about ourselves - our character, our abilities - that we did not know were there? There is a video clip on YouTube called "Facing the Giants".
  It begins with a high school football team at practice running a drill known as the death crawl.
  The death crawl involves one player crawling across the field using only his hands and feet, keeping his knees off of the ground, while carrying another player on his back.
  In the group drill, the players in the death crawl are expected to crawl 10 yards.
After the group drill, the coach asks the star player how far could he do the death crawl.
  His answer is 30 yards but the coach believes he can go 50.
  The star player agrees to give it his best effort, but before he begins, the coach blindfolds him.
  The purpose of the blindfold is to prevent the player from giving up too early, because by physically seeing where he's going, he might think that reaching the destined yard will be too hard.
As the star player begins the death crawl, the coach follows beside him, providing encouragement as the player tries to complete the assigned task.
  Carrying someone on your back in this position is physically exerting, so after a while the star player starts to get tired.
  As he begins to insist that he can't go forward because it's too hard and he wants to quit, the coach insists that the player can continue.
  The more the player claims he can't continue, the more emphatically the coach exclaims that he can.
Finally, the player gives out due to exhaustion and says that he can't go any further because he has nothing else to give.
  The coach tells him to look up.
  The star player has made it to the end zone.
  The coach then persuades the player not to give up on his God-given leadership abilities, because those abilities are needed to lead the team.
Now, if you would, imagine that you are the player and that the coach is God.
  God will put you in situations where you feel completely blind.
  Yet, the purpose of the blinding isn't to make you feel vulnerable or weak, but it's to make you a stronger individual.
  It's to help you see you possess abilities you were unaware of or to strengthen abilities that you already possessed.
  The purpose of going blind through changes in your life is to increase your faith in the unique abilities He has given you.
  God needs you to use these abilities to advance His kingdom.
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