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Everybody loves to be a food and would love to enjoy any kind of free meals, supper to be served to them anytime. The syndromes of overeating is uncontrollable and regular eating habits and those people who repeat these process of overeating day in and day out are sure to suffer from binge eating disorder problems. These binge eaters only know eating of different stuffs. They feel that when they are terrible upset and are feeling stress eating too much would feel them relaxed. But, they seldom tend to forget that these overeating results in different body or heart related problems and thus they are admitted to different hospitals for binge eating disorder treatment.

Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder   

The main sign or symptoms of people suffering from binge eating disorder are their fat and bulky weight. These symptoms are being classified as both behavioral and emotional symptoms. These are being explained below:

Behavioral Symptoms

The main behavioral symptoms of binge eating disorders are as follows:
  • Unable to stop or control from eating even when they are not feeling hungry;
  • Quickly eating large quantity of food stuffs;
  • Secretly hiding food stuffs for later eating when no one is around them;
  • Eating normally around, but when alone gorging eating habits creep up;
  • Eating irregularly anytime without maintaining any fixed meal times.

Emotional Symptoms

The main emotional symptoms of binge eating disorders are as follows:
  • Stress and depress situations arises which can be suppressed only through eating;
  • Feeling embarrassed over the quantity of food stuffs being consumed during a particular meal time;
  • Remaining unsatisfied, no matter how much quantity of food stuffs are consumed by these binge eaters;
  • Desperate of controlling overweight and over eating

Effects of Binge Eating Disorder

The main effects of binge eating can lead to different fatal causes by affecting the overall health. Binge eating leads to a wide variety of physical, emotional, and social problems. People with binge eating disorder report more health issues, stress, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts than people without an eating disorder. Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are common side effects as well. But the most prominent effect of binge eating disorder is weight gain. These patients suffer from Type2 Diabetes, Heart diseases, High cholesterol & blood pressure problems, joint pains, sleep apnea etc. These disorder effects put serious disorder problems on the health although these patients can fully recover through various cure overeating disorder medications.                                 

Causes of Binge Eating Disorder

The root cause of binge eating disorder can vary from one binge patient to another. These may vary accordingly to their genes, feelings and sentiments. These causes also depend upon the biological, social and psychological makeover of these binge eaters. Whatever may be the cause these binge eaters unpleasant emotions make the food their best friend and they go on eating on and on. Through eating these unpleasant emotions vanishes in the air and they get relieved.

Curing through Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

There is cure overeating disorder is available but it is advised that those patients suffering from binge eating disorder should first consult their doctor and then start the treatment process. The various nutritionists, psychiatrists who are engaged in binge eating disorder treatment focuses in curing various emotional causes leading to this disorder. After knowing the root cause the entire treatment is focused in minimizing these emotional causes and also makes different diet charts so that the overweight problems can be resolved.  Various nutritionists also prescribe their own diet chart followed by a set of exercises to be done and the binge eating disorder patients should report their weight related issues to these dieticians after few that so that these dieticians can closely monitor their health.

Various therapies like Interpersonal psychotherapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy and Dialectical behavior therapy are also conducted as a part of the treatment. These therapies help in change in behavior to avoid excessive eating, improve communication skills, generate healthier relationships, regulate emotions and also focus in balancing their shape and body weight perfectly.

Help Someone to Cure overeating disorder

Friends and family members of these binge eating disorder patients should emotionally control and help these patients to stay away from their reckless eating habits. They should regularly converse with these patients and make them understand of a possible health problems faced through overeating. These family members through anger and care try to help these binge eaters to understand that proper diagnosis would cure overeating disorder prevailing inside them. These types of binge eating disorder treatment also will safeguard of getting insulted among their friends, foes, stopping listening lectures from relatives and also to take good care of themselves by staying fit and healthy.
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