TEA Approved Driver Training Schools

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    History And Changes

    • The Driver Training Division of the Texas Education Agency is located at 1701 North Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. Recent changes to licensing laws in Texas have made it mandatory for all young drivers to receive additional driver's training education before being granted their licenses. As of March 1, 2010, all persons 18 to 25 years old must complete either six hours worth of driver education in an adults-only program, or an entire course designed for minors and adults together.

    Types of Training

    • There are a variety of driver training options available to potential students in the state of Texas. While there are over a hundred different TEA-accredited schools and private educators, only some of these schools and educators are approved to provide the six-hour adults-only education class. Some courses are held solely in a classroom setting, while others combine classroom education with in-car training. Online options are available in some locations as well. Courses are offered in both Spanish and English, though availability varies from location to location. Courses for the deaf and hard of hearing are available as well.


    • There are four different commercial driver training courses in the state of Texas. The first is Driver Education, which includes in-class and in-car training for new drivers. The second is Driving Safety, which can be used both for educational purposes and to dismiss a traffic ticket. The third is part of the Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP), a program from Texas drivers who have been court-ordered to attend for drug, alcohol and traffic related offenses. The fourth type of course Seat Belt, a court-ordered, four-hour training program about seat belt and driving safety. Not all schools offer all courses.

    Less Tears More Years Act

    • The 81st Congress of the State of Texas passed the Less Tears More Years Act. This Act requires new drivers to obtain more experience behind the wheel before receiving their driver's licenses. The Act stipulates that new drivers must receive 20 hours of training behind the wheel of an automobile, 10 of which must be at night. These hours can be certified by a parent or guardian. Additional information, including the official Behind-The-Wheel Instruction Guide, is available through TEA's website.

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