How to Connect the Acer Aspire to the Internet Without a Server

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    Wired Connection

    • 1). Power on the Acer Aspire computer and the wired Internet modem you are connecting it to.

    • 2). Plug the Ethernet cable running out of the modem into the "Internet" connection port on the Acer Aspire.

    • 3). Double click the Internet browser on the computer. The Internet connection now loads, and the Acer Aspire gains access to the Internet.

    Wireless Internet

    • 1). Power on the Acer Aspire laptop and the wireless router you are using the Internet with.

    • 2). Right click the wireless icon in the lower right corner of the desktop. Select "Enable" from the pull-down menu to activate the wireless Internet connection.

    • 3). Right click the wireless icon once again, then select "Search for available wireless networks." A list of all the wireless Internet connections now loads onto the screen.

    • 4). Select the wireless Internet connection you want, then choose the Internet network you want, type in any password required and click "Connect" to gain access to the Internet.

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