What Causes Insomnia - 3 Major Factors

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Answering the question "what causes insomnia" can be overwhelming.
This sleep disorder has over 500 different causes.
However, these different causes can fall under 3 major factors.
3 major factors answering what causes insomnia are natural, situational and health-related causes.
Another fact to consider is that there may be many different factors causing a person's sleeplessness all at once.
Natural causes Nearly everyone experiences trouble sleeping at least once in their lives.
The odd climate changes can do that often enough.
It has been discovered that hot temperature can cause trouble sleeping.
The weather aside, a natural cause of insomnia is aging.
Everybody gets old.
Although not everyone wants that to happen, it just does.
Aging can be what causes insomnia.
Aging also involves hormonal shifts.
This can cause insomnia as well.
People lose 10 minutes of deep sleep every decade of their lives.
This is the reason why older adults have shallower sleep.
Every other adult from age 50 and above suffer from insomnia.
Due to the combination of deep sleep loss and hormonal changes.
Men and women in their 50's may start experiencing andropause and menopause respectively.
Insomnia is a known symptom of both these stages in life.
Women go through more stages involving hormonal shifts in their lifetime.
Both menstruation and pregnancy cause hormonal changes.
Situational causes There are times when insomnia goes away naturally.
Events that can stress out a person can be a situational cause of sleeplessness.
Normally, when the event that causes stress ends, trouble sleeping goes away.
There can be many situational causes.
If a loved one is sick, it causes sleeplessnessfor relatives and friends.
Anxiety or depression due to some events can also be what causes insomnia for a period of time.
People worry about their health, finances, and relationships.
This can cause trouble sleeping.
A study made at King's College London showed an interesting result.
Many young adults who have insomnia are separated, divorced or widowed.
For many young adults, a straining or ending relationship is what causes insomnia.
Health-related causes Most of the time insomnia is a symptom of another medical condition.
These conditions can be either psychological or physical.
Oftentimes, cases of chronic insomnia come from other conditions being left untreated.
Treating the medical condition often relieves a person's trouble sleeping.
Other sleep disorders have this sleep disorder as a symptom.
Medical conditions that include chronic pain results to interrupted sleep.
Other physical diseases of the heart, lunch, and brain can also cause insomnia.
Medication can also cause insomnia.
Medicine for depression, epilepsy, etc.
can cause sleepless nights.
Beta blockers for high blood pressure can give a person trouble sleeping.
Other stimulants and psychoactive drugs have the same effect.
Sleeping pills, if taken for a long period of time lost their effect.
Not only that, in the long run, they can cause insomnia.
Knowing what causes insomnia is important in finding a working treatment.
In some cases, replacing the medicine a person takes can relieve insomnia.
In cases wherein insomnia is caused by other medical conditions.
Treating the medical condition is still the best thing to do.
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