How to Approach a Girl - 5 Amazing Tips That Work Instantly

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The lights are dim, the people are buzzed, and your butterflies are fluttering.
This is your chance to talk to the lady you've been flirting and making eye-contact with all night.
She's a bit tipsy and so are you, so now's the right time to let your desires take hold.
So what do you do? 1.
Humor - If you've heard it once you've heard it a thousand times, nothing breaks the ice quite like humor, a bit of cockyness, and good energy.
If you're the kind of guy who is pretty brooding most of the time, it's time to at least act like you possess a sense of humor and a half-way decent amount of self-respect! 2.
Stylish Clothes - Many girls are attracted to how a guy dresses way more than they make a show of.
This is a good, because this is something you can actually control.
People can't always control their looks much, but they can control if they dress nicely and have good hygiene and general appearance.
Be Nice to the Whole Group - Most likely if she's gone out some place she's not alone, so try to get on the groups' good side too, if you can.
Bringing some of your friends along can often help this process.
Order Some Drinks - Let's admit it, alcohol helps, if you can order drinks for the group, it will help them like you and get them all to relax a little more at the same time, so it's a win-win.
Do You Don't Need to Try overly Hard - The point of this moment is to plant a seed.
You have to let that seed grow and hopefully by the end of the evening she trusts you enough to either go home with you or give you her number.
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