Cessna 172 For Sale - Have You Answered These 3 Questions?

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Many first time small aircraft buyers are looking for a plane that is reliable, that they are familiar with, and that is sold at a fair price.
For many, finding a Cessna 172 for sale meets all of these criteria.
The Cessna 172 is one of the most popular aircraft used for training in the United States, and even around the world.
This plane's reliability, familiarity to many, and value contribute to it being the first purchase of many a pilot.
The inventory of used Cessna 172's available on the market is very high at any given time.
The resale value on these planes remains high, but it is possible to get a good bargain if you do your homework.
There are several things you want to keep in mind when evaluating a used aircraft.
Has The Plane Been Properly Maintained? Make sure the Cessna 172 you're looking at has been properly maintained.
This is not too much to ask.
The plane has a great service record, and a well-maintained plane will last for years and years.
Replacement parts are also widely available, making it easy to keep the plane in top condition.
You should be able to find a well-maintained plane at a good price.
You can have great confidence in the 172's reliability, especially if the maintenance has been properly handled.
What Is The Seller's Reputation? Be sure you buy from a reputable seller.
If you are able to find a plane that interests you and that you can afford locally, be sure to check it out in person.
It's always nice to "kick the tires.
" Many online auctions have ways of ensuring the reliability and reputation of their sellers.
If you are looking to buy from an online auction, make sure the seller has a good reputation.
You can usually get a very good price from a trustworthy seller through an online auction.
Why Is The Plane Being Sold? Much like buying a car or motorcycle from a private seller, it's important to find out why they are selling the plane.
It could be they've upgraded to a new plane and decided to sell of the old one.
Or, they may have kept more than one plane and finally decided it is not worth the cost to keep the one they're selling.
You should probably proceed with caution if there isn't a legitimate reason for the sale.
Sometimes, the expense of fixing mechanical problems is great enough that an aircraft owner will just try to sell the plane rather than fix it.
You don't want to be the buyer in one of these situations.
It is prudent to hire a qualified mechanic to inspect the plane and report back to you.
If you're buying from an online auction, it's pretty easy to go online and find an aircraft mechanic near the plane's location.
This simple step can help you avoid getting a lemon.
The Cessna 172 is a popular plane for first time aircraft owners for many reasons.
If you are looking to purchase one for yourself, take the simple steps above to make sure you get a reliable plane at a fair price.
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