The 2 Sex Secrets That Your Lover Hopes You Never Discover For Fear of Total Mind Control

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Replicate the oral sex that your lover gives herself when on top
This is perhaps the single most important lesson that a man can learn, but very few guys know about it except the true sexual geniuses.
As I am sure you know, there is the old saying that no one can give you better masturbation than yourself.
And this is the case because a second person is not feeling what you are and does not have their brain attached to your sex organs.
However, if you let your lover lower herself onto your face and memorize the exact motions that she is going through on you, then you have the blue print that drives her insane.
Then, the next time you perform oral sex, you just replicate what she did and she will of course love it, because it is what she did.
And, the only thing better than the best masturbation possible is having someone else perform it for you, so you don't have to do anything.
This means that your woman will start to subconsciously think why should I burn myself out doing this, when he already knows how to do it for me.
And, of course, she will initiate sex more often and you will have a better relationship.
Tie her hands behind her back, with her explicit consent of course
One of the top three sexual fantasies of all women is to be gently immobilized by their man.
While this can be done in a variety of ways, most women indicate that they do not appreciate when guys use hand cuffs or go overboard with rope and tie all their limbs together.
They have repeatedly stated that the sexiest thing to do is get a soft fur rope or cloth and tie only their hands behind their back.
The most pleasurable position for this is doggy style because her hands rest on her back and don't get in the way.
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