Low Cost Auto Insurance Secrets

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Auto Insurance costs seem to continue to rise every year regardless of how many years no claims bonus you have and in spite of the fact that you have never made a claim.
 Have you ever though why? Here are some auto insurance secrets that may help you find lower cost car insurance in the future:   Never renew with your current auto insurance provider without getting a range of free auto insurance quotes from other providers.
 Many insurance providers offer huge discounts to attract new customers.
 If you continue to renew with your existing car insurance company you may be missing out on these great deals.
   If you wish to stick with your current insurance provider for whatever reason, tell them about the cheapest quote you have been given and ask if they are prepared to match the quote.
 You often need to ask before special loyalty discounts are made available.
 Your business is important to the insurance company so they may offer a deal to keep you.
   Auto insurance companies sometimes offer incentives such as free breakdown cover or free windshield replacement cover even free legal cover.
 Be sure to ask if any of these are available at renewal time.
 These incentive offers can often add up to quite a sum and should not be ignored.
   Make sure your car has an alarm and if possible is garaged overnight and do not forget to mention these risk reducing precautions when getting your car insurance quotes.
 Reduced risk will mean a cheaper quote.
   Getting car insurance quotes is a lot quicker these days thanks to the internet and there are several web sites that make the job easy, take look at free auto insurance quotes for a range of quotes from the leading providers.
 It could well be worth a little effort as you could save up to 40% at renewal time.
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