Do You Take Allergy Shots to Prevent an Allergic Reaction?

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Some allergies can be really persistent, some even to the fact that they don't respond to medications.
Some allergies bring along side effects that can be caused by the allergy itself, or by the medication to cure.
These side effects can be avoided if you choose to take allergy shots ahead of the allergic reaction.
An allergy shot works much like a vaccination in boosting your body's immune system, and aid it in fighting the allergic reaction before it even occurs.
Allergy shots however is rarely a single shot like vaccines usually are, allergy shots are a series of shots given according to a specific schedule.
The reason for this, is to "teach" the body about the allergen, and assist the immune system to develop the fighting power to stop the allergic reaction in its tracks.
Most allergy shots start out as a weekly or bi-weekly injection, only to end up being a monthly occurrence to keep it working in the future.
If you suffer from one of the most common allergies which is hay-fever, also called allergic rhinitis chances are your doctor will be able to prescribe a series of allergy shots for you, in order to make your daily life during pollen season a whole lot easier.
Also allergy induced asthma and several indoor related allergens such as mold or dust allergens or even pet allergens can and is being treated this way.
Allergy shots are also known as immunotherapy, relating to it boosting your immune system in order to make it fight the allergic reactions from within.
People who react allergically to bees and wasps could be in big danger and in need of carrying around with them an Epi Pen to counter a possible anaphylactic reaction caused by a bee sting.
Allergy shots can be made effective for this kind of allergic reactions too, and completely eliminate the need for an Epi Pen for those suffering from this allergy.
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