How to Derive Fractions With Square Root

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    • 1). Recognize the relationship between the square root and fraction exponents. The rules of mathematics state that the square root of any number A is equal to that number A taken to the fraction exponent 1/2.

      sqrt(A) = A^(1/2)

    • 2). Plug the number or variable whose square root you are trying to convert into the formula from Step 1. Thus, given that you are trying to convert the square root of 3x, the equation would read as follows:

      sqrt(3x) = 3x^(1/2)

    • 3). Simplify the expression. Given the original example, sqrt(3x) * 3x^1/2, you would now have 3x^(1/2) * 3x^(1/2). Because of the addition rule of exponents, you can add the fraction exponents together:

      1/2 + 1/2 = 1

      Thus, the final solution is 3x.

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