How to Make Something Similar to a Magnifying Glass

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    How to Make Something Similar to a Magnifying Glass

    • 1). Pour the distilled water into the bowl. Distilled water freezes into clearer ice than tap water.

    • 2). Place the water in the freezer. Do not allow it to sit out and collect dust, as this will result in cloudy ice.

    • 3). When the water has a solid layer of ice covering the top, poke a hole in it with an ice pick. This will release any air trapped in the water. Trapped air clouds the ice.

    • 4). Allow the water to completely freeze before removing the bowl from the freezer.

    • 5). Fold the towel in half and lay it on a hard, flat surface. Turn the bowl upside down and set it on top of the towel. After several minutes, the the temperature of the bowl will increase and the ice will drop out.

    • 6). Wet the towel and rub the flat surface of the ice, rounding the edges into the shape of a magnifying lens. Pay close attention to the symmetry of the lens as it will ultimately effect the ice's clarity and usefulness.

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