How to Get Odors Out of Cars

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    • 1). Vacuum every surface in the car. Small particles of food and dirt in the cloth or in tiny crevices can continue to create odors, even if the surfaces appear clean. Vacuum the ceiling of the car, as well as the floors.

    • 2). Turn the air conditioning on full blast and set it to take in outside air. Spray a deodorizing product or a simple solution of vinegar and water into the screen covering the cowl vent. Check with the manufacturer of the car to determine the location of the cowl vent for your car. This will remove any mold, mildew or smoke odors from the air system. Repeat for the heater.

    • 3). Spray a light coating of an odor neutralizer product on the cloth surfaces of the car. These products bond with the odor-causing particles and render them harmless to your nose. Heavy duty odor neutralizers can target specific odors, such as pet smells or smoke, by bonding with the specific molecules that create those smells.

    • 4). Spray a commercial carpet cleaner intended for cars on any major stains or odor-causing spots. Use a brush or rough cloth to scrub the cleaner deep into the odor-causing stain. Make sure not to use too much carpet cleaner, as this also can stain cloth surfaces in the car.

    • 5). Dry all cloth surfaces after cleaning. Allowing excessively wet cloth surfaces to dry on their own can cause new mold or mildew smells.

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