Dental Veneers And Invisible Invisalign Braces

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Many new dental techniques have been implemented in cosmetic dentistry today that can provide the look of perfectly straight teeth without the railroad track look of standard braces. Invisible braces, also known as Invisalign braces, offer the ability to straighten teeth using clear plastic pieces which are formed to the teeth. Invisalign braces can be easily removed for eating and cleaning.

Invisible braces allow for the straightening of teeth without having the steel appliances in the mouth. In addition Invisalign braces do not attach to the teeth so there is no risk of damage to the tooth surface.
Additionally, there is no risk to the inside of the mouth from the sharp edges of standard, metal braces.

Invisible braces are becoming more popular for everyone today as they do not affect the overall appearance of the wearer. In many cases, the invisible invisalign braces are not even noticed by others. Invisible braces are a relatively new concept that currently is under review by insurance companies for coverage.

Invisible invisalign braces are used for many different ages of patients. Adults especially appreciate the use of invisible invisalign braces when they require straightening of their teeth in adulthood. Along with the invisible invisalign braces not being visible to others, they can be removed when needed for eating as well as brushing your teeth.

Dental veneers are used to fix the surface of damaged teeth in your mouth. Usually they will be placed on the front teeth affected by decay or discoloration when dental veneers are used. The dental veneers are custom fitted to the individual tooth and glued in place with a dental cement which also helps to match the color of the surrounding teeth. The dental veneers are fitted over the tooth itself and made by using an impression of the tooth.

The dental veneers are then made. These are paper thin pieces of usually porcelain that is fit over the tooth and trimmed as needed then glued in place. The dental veneers are a permanent fixture that cannot be removed by the patient.

With the variety of new procedures which are available today, a person has many different choices when they require restoration of their smile. By selecting the procedure that is best for them, many patients are happier with the results overall and will be more committed to caring for their teeth in general.

By visiting your dentist regularly, problems can be found sooner, allowing for repair rather than needing things such as bridges or dentures.
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