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I am Father Time, a motivational speaker and self-help writer, and I offer a Daily Motivational e-mail service and I feel like giving away a few FREE subscriptions...please check this out!

There are some people who only need to make an extra hundred dollars a week, and that would make all the difference in the world to their life. Maybe you are in that category, and maybe with a little daily motivation, then YOU could make that extra money that you need and desire! There are millions of folks who are selling vitamins, cosmetics, or food storage containers, and they really can make lots of extra money with these items if they truly get motivated and work hard at it. Some people even turn it into a HUGE income, and quit their day job.

There are some people who will sign-up for this money making deal or that earning opportunity, but then they will only give out one or two catalogs or brochures, and then they end up quitting...they completely give up, and the sales kit they bought, ends up in the bottom of the sad! If they had only just tried, really tried, for a few months, they might have really made something out of it!

Alternatively, there are those people who will actually "go to town" with the very same opportunity and they will treat it just like it's a real part-time or even a full-time job! These people will usually succeed! It might take months and months of hard work, but it is worth it! Instead of watching silly, useless television, which so much of it is, these people will actually spend a few hours each and every evening working at their very own home based business. That is how you build a business and become successful, not by watching ordinary people dance on TV with other people (who are still ordinary) but who are stars because they can sing or act!

Maybe you are selling some products as part of a multi-level-marketing company, and you need to recruit people into the business, but you also need to sell some products as well! You should be contacting everyone that you know, even people who are out of state, and explain that you are now in the "vitamin" business and you wondered that if you mail them a catalog, will they please take a look and try to order something to help you out.

As I said earlier, I have an Awesome Daily Motivational e-mail Message Seen Here and I am currently offering a few free subscriptions! You really should sign up and please tell a friend or two about it as well! Doesn't this website have some cool authors and articles? Feel free to share these with friends and family, and for those who re-post, please leave the links intact, otherwise you would be stealing content, and shame on you for that!

There's also much more to life than making money, and I cover many topics in the daily messages...there are many other important factors of life that we also cover, from eating more healthy and possibly losing weight, to treating other people with kindness and compassion, as well as having more patience!

On my fabulous we also have lots of other cool stuff, such as magical, mystical good luck crystals and various other good  luck charms, or you can get a Kuan Yin Oracle Reading, which is very cool because you don't even ask a question, but Father Time gets Kuan Yin's answer and sends it to you via e-mail!

Many Blessings!
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