How to Grow White Bitter Melon

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    • 1). Wait until the outdoor temperatures rise to between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and identify a planting site that receives full sunlight and has well-draining soil comprised mostly of loam and sand.

    • 2). Spread 1 to 2 inches of organic matter, such as compost, over the soil in the planting area and then mix it in using a garden tiller. Set the blade depth on the garden tiller to 6 inches and push it evenly over all the soil. Rake the top of the soil with a bow rake after tilling to smooth it out.

    • 3). Dig a 12- to 24- inch deep and 4-inch wide trench in the back of the planting site and insert 6-foot high bamboo poles into it every 6 feet. Backfill the trench with the removed soil and compact it tightly to hold the stakes upright.

    • 4). Wrap garden twine or wire around the poles every 1 to 2 feet all the way up, to provide support for the mature vines.

    • 5). Fill a bowl with water and place the white bitter melon seeds into it. Let the seeds soak overnight before planting, to speed germination.

    • 6). Create 1-inch deep holes in the planting site and space them at least 15 to 24 inches apart.

    • 7). Saturate the soil with water to a 2-inch depth. After initial planting, keep the ground moist until germination and until harvesting the white bitter melon.

    • 8). Prune the ends of the vine off using hand runners whenever they reach 10 sets of leaves, or the top of the trellis. Make the cut 1/4 inch above the last leaf set.

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