Metal Detecting For the First Time

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Okay so you've done the research, taken the plunge and bought your shiny new (or used!) metal detector.
It might be a beginners model or a top spec type, either way you've seen a sight you like the look of so lets get out there and make some metal detecting finds! It really is that easy.
But wait.
There are a few really simple steps you can take to make that first trip out all the more satisfying.
They may seem like common sense but its good to remember the basics.
Accessories: Headphones, trowel, finds bag and markers.
Headphones can make a real difference especially to a beginner trying to interpret the different tones their new detector makes.
A metal finds bag and markers are important and something I'll be covering later.
Clothing: I'm from the UK so I'll assume its cold out there! good boots, gloves and a hat can really make a difference and keep you out searching for an extra hour or two.
A flask of tea/soup: I often detect in beautiful places and its really nice to sit for a while with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the countryside rather than staring at the dirt! Some people assume they can swing their detector around for an hour and come home with some amazing metal detecting finds.
It simply doesn't work like that.
Yes you might get lucky but generally it requires patience and practice which is why its best to come prepared and also why that first metal detecting find is so rewarding.
On a final and most important note please do try to represent our hobby in a positive light.
I always try to leave a site more tidy than when I arrived and I don't just mean by removing all of that unsightly gold! Always get permission to detect on private land and report all finds of historical value.
I'll be posting more details on how to do this in a future article.
Happy treasure hunting!
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