Acne Myths and the Facts

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Decades ago many people had different reasons for what can cause someone to have acne.
After years of research and studies experts have found the real causes and put the myths to an end.
Here are some common myths and the reasons why they are just myths.
Myth #1: Tanning clears acne.
Over exposure to the sun can actually dry the skin and lead to more breakouts.
It also causes damage to the pores.
The UV rays from the sun have been linked to premature aging and skin cancer.
Fresh air and little sun exposure is good for your health and your skin, but you should always wear sunscreen.
If you have acne prone skin then make sure you chose a sunscreen that says noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic that way you can be sure that the sun screen will not clogged the pores.
Myth #2: Wearing make up causes pimples.
Maybe that was a reality in the past, however now experts have actually added acne fighting ingredients to concealers.
Look for make up that is nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic.
Some also contain benzol peroxide which is an acne fighting ingredient.
Be sure to always wash off your make up before bed, because the skin renews itself while you sleep.
If you sleep with make up on, the skin will not be able to renew properly and also may age your skin another seven days.
Myth #3: Greasy food and Chocolate cause acne.
Studies have not proven any food to be a direct cause of acne.
Everyone is different and some people may notice different foods cause them to brake out.
In that case experts have linked food allergies to cause some people to breakout when eating a food that they may not know their body is allergic too.
It is always good to eat healthy and avoid sugary and greasy foods.
If you notice that a particular food or drink causes you to have more pimples then avoid eating that food because you actually may be allergic to it.
Your doctor can always perform a food allergy test if you would like to know for a fact what foods you are allergic too.
Myth #4: Acne medications work right away.
Nothing will work immediately to clear pimples.
The body needs to get used to the change or the topical solution.
The skin needs to heal itself gradually.
It will take several weeks or even months to see lasting results.
Just stick with it and in time your skin should clear.
If has been more then a couple months, visit your dermatologist.
Myth#5: Not washing your face enough will cause acne.
The fact is that washing your face too often will cause more breakouts and irritation.
It causes the skin to dry and strips the natural oils from your face.
Just wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser.
Be very gentle and pat dry with a clean cloth.
Always make sure that you rinse your face after exercising or excessive sweating.
Then the bacteria and toxins will not sit on the skin and cause acne or blackheads.
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