Lucky Guy: Of Pulitzers, Tom Hanks on Stage, and Broadway

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Soap Opera in the Making The play is written and produced by three-time Academy Award nominee and playwright Nora Ephron and is presently one of the most popular stage shows today.
Lucky Guy tells the story of controversial tabloid columnist, Mike McAlary, which will be played by Tom Hanks.
The play will also be the very first debut in Broadway for the actor in his entire show business career.
McAlary was a renowned journalist and reporter back in the early 1980s and was a Pulitzer Prize winner in his short career span.
Surrounded by scandals and controversy in the 1980s, Mike McAlary was noted for his work by exposing police brutality and broadcasting the torture of convict Abner Louima back in 1997.
Tom Hanks is expected to showcase a phenomenal performance even if it's his first time in Broadway and the performing arts.
The latest addition to the countless theater masterpieces is directed by Tony Award winner George C.
Wolfe who also directed the world-renowned play, Angels in America.
A First Step for Tom Hanks, a Leap for Broadway This bio drama is expected to be a big hit especially for those who love theater arts.
Ticket prices start at $153 to premium-priced ones at $348.
This may seem quite expensive for some but is definitely worth it if you're one of those people who look forward to see big names in Hollywood perform on stage.
For the record, the masterpiece is deemed the second highest paid Broadway shows from the beginning of March until the present.
The Academy Award magnet was tapped more than a year ago to play the lead role for the play as Mike McAlary, the controversial columnist of the Daily.
Later in 2012, Hanks confirmed that he will definitely be carrying the lead role on his shoulders.
For a melodramatic play as Lucky Guy, the script requires a lead actor who is easy on the eyes of the audience.
It requires someone who has portrayed almost every difficult role on film in the past.
Tom Hanks has been the first on the list of potential actors handpicked by the play's producers.
Mike McAlary is a journalist who gained a lot of recognition and fame after he did one documentary after another, exposing the police brutality which led to the death of Abner Louima.
In the same year he received his Pulitzer award for journalism, McAlary succumbed to colon cancer and died at the age of 41.
Hanks will be working alongside stage actors Christopher McDonald, Maura Tierney, Courtney B.
Vance, Richard Masur, and Peter Gerety.
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