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Hiring an applicant can prove to be very expensive if a proper pre-employment screening is not done before hand.
The employee might have falsified their education background, previous employment details, or criminal history.
The best way to check for these things is through a pre-employment screening.
A candidate's resume might not provide all the answers required by an employer.
Also, even when the resume looks impressive, there might be some hidden falsifications that might crop up during the screening.
No candidate would volunteer information regarding drug problems or having a criminal or sexual abuse record.
Such things can be found only during a pre-employment screening.
It is the duty of every employer to provide a safe and comfortable working environment to all the employees, which is not possible if the present applicant has some skeletons in the closet that would require some investigations to discover.
Some employers opt for nationwide search if the candidate is not local.
This might take a little longer for verification but is often worth the wait.
This also might be necessary if the employee holds a national driving license that needs to be verified.
Nationwide criminal search is also very common while hiring someone from outside and has finished the education elsewhere.
Many investigating companies provide the employer with a number of cost-effective actions.
They usually do not take more than a few days and are usually accurate.
Employers will certainly get the feeling that hiring an investigative agency is a lot cheaper than what they would have to incur if there is something seriously wrong with the candidate.
An applicant's honesty can result in making or breaking a company in the long run.
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