How to Bulid a Poker Table

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    • 1). Outline the shape of your tabletop onto the plywood sheet. Poker tables come in a variety of shapes, including circular, hexagonal and octagonal. Use a tape measure to ensure that all of the different segments (for polygon-shaped tabletops) are the same length and that the entire tabletop is symmetrical.

    • 2). Cut out the tabletop using an electric saw.

    • 3). Measure and cut the edging for the table from the plywood boards. The edging should be approximately 1 1/2 inches wide and fit exactly to the edge of the table.

    • 4). Apply a coat of wood glue to the top edge of tabletop and lay a segment of the edging in place. Clamp it down, then turn over the tabletop. Nail the edging to the tabletop from the underside of the table one section at a time.

    • 5). Sand the outer side of the edging until it becomes slightly rounded. This will make it more comfortable for players to rest their arms on.

    • 6). Mark the interior section on the tabletop where the felt will be placed. Within the center of a poker table is a felt section that's the same shape as the tabletop (e.g., a octagonal tabletop will have an octagonal felt insert). Use masking tape to mark the outline of the insert.

    • 7). Varnish the tabletop. The varnish only needs to be applied to the top and sides of the table. Don't apply varnish to the center of the tabletop where the felt insert will be placed.

    • 8). Outline the felt insert using masking tape and ensure that it's exactly the same dimensions as the unvarnished section of the tabletop before cutting. After cutting, secure it to the tabletop using a water-based glue.

    • 9). Install the folding legs onto the bottom of the tabletop. Hardware stores sell metal folding legs, so it's just a matter of choosing ones that are the right size for your table. Screw them into place as per the manufacturer's instructions.

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