How to Be Modest

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Appreciate your accomplishments privately and build on them. Rather than boasting about a job well done, use the knowledge gained from a success and move forward. Develop a reputation for quietly striving for success instead of resting on your laurels.

Accept praise from others graciously. Exhibit genuine gratitude for the kudos, and then change the topic when people spend too much time talking about your achievements. Turn the conversation to other's accomplishments and good qualities.

Share responsibility for achievements. Highlight the efforts of people who worked with and supported you during your rise to the top. Honor them by name and encourage others to do the same. This allows you to be modest while also endearing you to your supportive family or staff.

Encourage people to treat you the same way they did before you became successful. Show friends and family members that the relationships that you share continue to be important.

Live within, or even below, your means. Resist the urge to purchase an expensive luxury car, wear only designer clothes or obtain things that serve only to draw attention to yourself. Maintain the similar tastes in entertainment and food as you had prior to becoming successful.
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