The Do"s and Don"ts to Get Your Ex Back After a Break Up

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Have you ever wondered of the things you must do after breaking up with your ex? Probably after realizing that you are at fault, you are now finding ways on how to get your ex back, right? Don't worry this is a normal thing to do when you still feel that the person is that important for you.
However, what's bugging you is that you don't know where to start with.
Am I correct? To tell you frankly it does take time to realize that what you've done in the past may have contributed to what is happening right now.
Nevertheless, you still have to give yourself enough time to ponder on how you will be able to deal with all this and what move to make at the right time.
If you really want to get your ex back you should exert more effort to do so.
The Do's The first thing that you should keep in mind is to start forgiving your ex and yourself.
Of course these mistakes should not be done again, but they are meant to happen for you to learn form them.
You don't lose everything just because you have done one mistake.
However intending to commit the same mistake all over again will result to losing your ex even more.
Next, you have to put this to rest for a while.
Because of the mixed emotions, the anguish and regrets after breaking up, you should give yourself sometime to rest.
You should free yourself from all the stress and emotion.
You can do this by giving you and your ex enough space to think things over.
This means that it is not necessary for you to keep in touch with your ex partner even through email or phone calls.
Finally, you should keep in mind what you should not do so you can get your ex back.
The Don'ts Do not build up jealousy with your ex just to get him/her back.
for this will lead to distrust.
You'll probably get this for an advice but from an expert's point of view this is not going to get you anywhere.
Don't be such a "kiss and tell' type of person who informs everybody that he/she just broke up with their ex and keep up with that sour grape attitude.
This will just lead to further misunderstanding which will end as a downturn on what is left of your relationship.
Now that you know this, you have to keep these all in mind and make an effort to do what is good for you and for your ex partner.
Eventually your ex will realize that you have matured for the better.
Soon he/she might even be the one to search for ways on how to win you back.
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