How to Bind a Lap Quilt by Turning It Like a Pillow Case

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    • 1). Lay the quilt batting on the work surface in front of you with the longer edges at the sides and the shorter ones at top and bottom.

    • 2). Lay the quilt top on the batting with the colorful, finished side facing up. Match up the edges so that an equal amount of batting sticks out from each side of the quilt top.

    • 3). Lay the backing fabric on top of the quilt top with the right side down, aganst the quilt top. Match up the edges of the backing fabric and the quilt top. Pin all three layers together around the outside of the quilt.

    • 4). Sew the three layers together, using a 1/2-inch seam allowance along the two long edges and one short edge, leaving one short edge open. Remove all the pins from the quilt.

    • 5). Trim all three sewn quilt edges to within 1/4-inch of the seam line.

    • 6). Turn the quilt right-side out as if it were a pillow case. The backing fabric will now be behind the batting with the correct side facing out.

    • 7). Fold the top edges of the open edge inside and pin the opening closed. Stitch this opening closed with a needle and thread. Quilt or tie the lap quilt as you desire.

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