How To Date Multiple Women at The Same Time

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Many guys wonder about how to date multiple women at the same time without causing a lot of drama and hurting the feelings of their multiple girlfriends.
If you are a single guy who enjoys dating around then you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.
On the one hand you don't want to settle down before you are sure that you have found the right girl who you want to be with long term, but at the same time it can get hectic juggling even just two girlfriends at once.
If you've ever been on a date with a girl and then run into another girl that you are seeing then you know how awkward this can be.
If this is something that you have struggled with this then hopefully this article will help out! Below is a list of my three top tips on how to date multiple women at the same time: 1) Let it be known that you are dating other girls One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when they set out to date multiple women is that they try to keep it a secret.
These guys think that they need to keep everything on the down low because if any of their girlfriends find out that they are seeing other people then they will flip out.
However, lying to your girlfriends is a rotten thing to do, and I personally think that it is kind of evil.
But not only is it wrong, but it will also make you feel stressed out all the time because you will always be worried about getting caught.
The fact is that a lot of women will still date you even if you have other girls that you see.
In fact what often will happen is that the girls you date will actually become more attracted to you when they find out that you see other people because it will make you more of a challenge to them and it will make them want to work to impress you.
2) Don't let any of your girls feel left out When you are dating multiple women at the same time you need to be very careful not to neglect any of the girls that you are seeing.
Often if you start dating more than four or five girls you will start forgetting about one or two of them because you are having so much fun with the others.
Of course this is fine if you want to shrink your harem down a bit, but if you want to keep all of them around then you need to make sure to see each of them at least once a week at a minimum.
An easy way to keep things straight is to assign a different day of the week for every girl.
For instance you might see Jenny on Mondays, Kelly on Tuesdays, Debby on Wednesdays and then on the weekend see whoever you like the best or even go out and meet some new girls who you can add to your roster.
3) Don't lead any of your girls on Often times when you are dating multiple women one of the girls that you are dating will start pressuring you to see her exclusively.
Of course this is something that you may want to consider if you think that she might be the girl for you, but you also need to be sure not to give her false hope if you don't plan on ever making her your one and only.
It might be tempting to lead her on in this way to keep on her good side, but if you think about it this is a pretty lousy thing to do.
If you aren't willing to commit to her then you should do the right thing and set her free so that she can find a guy who is interested in having a monogamous relationship with her.
I have found that simply following these 3 rules will take care of 95% of the problems that can arise when you date multiple women at the same time.
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