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Staying focused is so hard.
I've been doing this for over five years and I still have problems with it.
Some days you get up and just feel like garbage.
The last thing you want to do is work.
But you know, running your own business, that if you don't work, you don't make money.
It's not like having a boss where you can take a day off with pay.
See, there are some benefits to having a job, though not many.
And don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back to work for anybody for all the tea in China.
However, staying focused is the key to staying profitable.
This article will show you how I do it.
The very first thing I do each and every day is make a schedule for the next day.
I have to have it in writing or I won't do it.
Seeing it writing, seeing it staring me in the face each morning, knowing that I can't ignore it, makes doing it a lot easier.
That constant reminder that I have X number of things to do keeps me focused.
If you've never tried it, do it.
You'll find that the guilt starts to catch up with you after about two hours of surfing YouTube watching your favorite videos.
Next on my staying focused list is allocating a time for each task.
Making a list is great.
However, if you spend all day on the first item, you'll never get down to item number 10.
Yes, my to-do lists are quite long.
Sometimes they're as long as 14 items for one day.
So in order to make sure that I get each task done, I assign a time limit to each one.
This forces me not to go over and to move on to the next item in the list.
The key is making sure that you don't give yourself more to do in a day than you can possibly finish.
This does take a little bit of practice.
Finally, I reward myself for the work I do.
Yeah, I know, my reward should be from the money I make, but sometimes I don't see that monetary reward for a while and I need something else to keep me focused and motivated.
So when I complete a task, I reward myself for doing it.
The bigger the task, the bigger the reward.
For example, if it's something simple that only took an hour or so, I'll maybe reward myself with a snack from the freezer.
If it's something huge like a project completed, I might go out and buy myself a new video game for the PC.
This is how I've been able to get myself through five plus years of working from home.
The results? A 6 figure a year income.
So I think it's been well worth it.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim
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