Someone I Loved

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It was a clear day.
I was just sitting alone in my school playground.
I was happy to be alone, as it became my habit to be so.
I heard a slow sound becoming clear to my ears.
It was the sound of the leaves, which was created by someone who was coming closer and closer to me.
I ignored, as everyone among my classmates knew that I liked to be alone so I was not expecting anyone.
But after a few seconds I saw a shadow bending towards me and a hand was on my shoulder.
I slowly turned around to see that who was there.
That person was one of my classmates, he was the only one who was with me from 1st standard.
Now, we were in 8th standard but during such a long period we never spoke even a single word with each other.
His name was Kunwar, as per the meaning of his name he was like a prince.
He had his own principles as well as values.
I was surprised to see him, as I never expected him to be standing too close as he was at that moment.
He politely asked me: "Can I sit with you, please?" I answered: "Yes, sure" We both sat with each other for 10 minutes but there was nothing between us except silence.
Then suddenly he looked at me and asked me: "What do you feel about me, I mean what do you think about me?" I stared him for some time as I didn't know what to answer, then I answered: "I think you are a good person, I mean to say a perfect human being.
You are a responsible person too.
" After hearing this he asked me: "Then can I take your responsibility?" It was clear to me that what was the meaning of his question but still I replied: "I am not clear with your question.
" On this he stared deep into my eyes, I felt that his eyes were saying that they want to see me always and a kind reflection just touched my heart through his eyes.
I was not able to say anything..
my heart beats..
I was able to hear them, they became so loud.
After some time he started saying: "I don't know why but from the day I came to know about a feeling for a girl, I can only feel for you.
You are in my eyes like my sight, in my heart like my heartbeats, your feelings run throughout my body like blood.
I don't know why I like you but I am unable tell you that how much I love you.
" I was so much shocked at his words.
I thought that the guy who never spoke to me is telling me that he is in love with me.
I was not ready to believe his words thinking that all guys say the same thing, but my heart was not ready to ignore his words.
I was so confused within me and I was not able to reply him.
He then came close to me again, stared into my eyes...
they went so deep in my heart..
my hands were in his and he whispered: "Believe me, I am your truth, your faith, your friend and if you allow I will be your love.
I don't want your permission to make you my love.
I will wait for you hoping that you are only mine.
" Then he slowly moved away from me and after walking a few steps away he turned around looked at me and gave a very sweet and pleasant smile.
I felt that his smile was saying to me: "Don't be confused dear, allow me in life and see the changes".
After that particular moment every thing was normal as usual, he became as he was before.
Neither did he looked at me nor did he spoke to me.
The abnormal situation was mine.
I was only thinking about him, I found him in my breath, thoughts, and even in my eyes.
I was surrounded with his pleasant smile.
I was not aware of anything.
Next day my eyes wanted to see him, they were only searching him.
But he was not anywhere in the school.
Days passed but I could not see him as he stopped coming to school after that day.
I was worried so much.
After 1 week, a very sweet lady came to our school and she was searching me.
I went to her.
She asked me: "Are you the girl named, Rekha?" I replied: "Yes I am but why?" She replied: "I am Kunwar's mother, he is not feeling well as he had an accident last week and he wasn't in his senses.
Today, when he came to his senses he asked me to call you and so I want you to come and see him.
" On this I asked if I had no feelings for him: "But why me?" She replied: "Because he loves you very much.
He told me every thing, he used to tell me how you looked each day, what you did, what you ate.
So I know how much he loves you.
I want that you come just for once and tell him that you are with him.
" After talking to her I started thinking that my heart was right.
He really loves me and I can have full faith on him as I have for myself.
I went there and saw that he was so happy to see me.
I went to his room with red roses, on seeing them he asked: "Do you know what does red roses symbolises?" I replied: "Yes, I do..
" He asked me again: " Are you sure you want me as your love?" On this question I replied again: "Yes I want only You as my love..
now you are my truth, faith, friend, love and life.
You don't need any permission from me to be my love as I feel we are made for each other.
I feel like I got my true love so I am a successful person as it is not easy to get true love in this world.
" This was my story about how I got my true love.
That was a bond of faith and love, which kept us closer for five years.
He was a harsh bike driver and so did it took him apart from me in another accident, leaving me alone in this cruel world.
He is not here but his love is with me always.
I really love him.
" Marriage is not the destiny of all Love stories"
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