Wireless Baby Monitor - Benefits and disadvantages

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Modern houses nowadays usually include separate living and sleeping areas whereby a lot of couples use a separate nursery for their baby. This is because it is almost impossible for a mother of a newborn to be with them at all hours? Most mothers notice this after the third day of staying with the baby in the same room and the same bed. This is where the baby monitor comes in.

Wireless baby monitors is a tremendous step-up from the old wired style of baby monitors. This has not only helped in efficiency but it has also proved much safer for the child where in some cases the kid would entangle themselves to the point of death with all sorts of cords hanging from the monitor.

Baby monitors before were only able to deliver sound to the receiver unit. Today, you will find video monitors with a whole load of safety features. This really is good because baby monitors keep baby safe and in extraordinary instances, even save them from SIDS.

I chose the wireless baby monitor because I did not want my toddler to get tangled in the cords. We all know that we creatively hide the cord, but sometimes, when the outlet is way down, or is hidden by a dresser, then the cords are exposed. This is big danger. The wireless baby monitor also made it convenient for me. I had great reception, the sounds were distinct and clear, and I did not have interference because I had a digital baby monitor.

Here are a few advantages that I'm now taking pleasure in with my wireless baby monitor:


• It can certainly give you a peace of mind wherever you may be in the house.

• It can promise the safety of your baby with its real-time two-way communication.

• You can easily do other things such as cooking, washing, or cleaning while your baby sleeps.

• You don't have to be worried about your child getting all twisted with the cables of the monitor

• Since you are using wireless, you'll be able to practically go anywhere you need in your home without any cables restricting your mobility.

• It is extremely easy to set up.


• If you don't have avent technology Static problems and other interference occur especially when you have a lot of electronic devices lying around the area such as mobile phones, computers, and the like.

• It really is more costly than your regular baby monitors.

• You may have trouble with the range that your wireless monitor can cover.

Above are the things that you need to know when you are considering on buying your own wireless baby monitor. With the range issue, I found one that went farther than most, and with it being digital, interference with other devices is becoming less of an issue. If you're looking to buy one today, try a wireless monitor, first. You'll never regret it.

I am hoping that this short article greatly enables you to decide what the very best monitor is for you and your baby. All the best!
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