12 Things You Need to Know to Grow Long Hair Fast

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So you want to grow long hair fast but you are confused as to what you should do.
There is so much misinformation out there.
And it is my purpose to make it clear to you.
First is it possible to grow hair faster? I believe it is! And I will show you how to do just that in this article.
You can grow long hair fat if you use the following twelve tips I am about to share with you.
It takes a huge will and determination to help grow your mane faster.
However it can be done! Below, you will find the top 12 tips to achieving length in the least amount of time.
Cut all the dead ends of your mane.
You want to do this because it gets rid off all the dead ends and split ends, this split ends will damage newly growing hair.
Use a satin scarf when going to bed.
This acts like a protective measure to prevent damage to your mane.
Good hair styles that help protect your hair include braids, buns and wearing your tresses loosely 3.
Keep your mane away from heat.
Heat will damage your mane; it will strip out sebum and cause your mane to be dry.
A dry scalp and hair will not allow healthy and fast growth\.
Staying way from heat means you need stay away from using flat iron and hot rollers.
These tools are very damaging to your hair and scalp 4.
Use a herbal hair oil to keep your hair well moisturized.
A herbal hair oil will act like a deep conditioner that will nurture and condition your tresses.
Use a good oil like coconut oil.
The best ones are the ones that have herbs and others oils combined and is all natural 5.
Give yourself a protein treatment once a week to grow long hair fast.
A good one is made from olive oil and egg.
You take two eggs and mix it with a few tablespoons of olive oil, mix that until it is fully blended and use that to coat your hair.
Hold that mask in your hair for an hour and then wash out.
It will keep your hair well conditioned and moisturized 6.
Use a wide toothed comb to comb wet hair, you never want to brush your mane when wet.
Ii you ever wish to grow long hair fast.
Having said that you also do not want to be aggressive with your tresses.
Treat it like find china, no pulling, and no tugging at it.
You simply want to leave your tresses alone to grow naturally 7.
Get lots of sleep when if you want to grow long hair fast.
Sleep will help provide the rest and rejuvenation that is necessary to help grow a longer mane.
Treat your tresses delicately when you sleep.
You want to wear a satin pillow scarf when sleeping; this helps to avoid unnecessary damage 8.
Always wear a silk scarf when you sleep.
It will prevent your mane from being damaged at night as you toss and turn.
You need to get a regular intake of green vegetables and fruits.
These are needed because they supply all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your mane needs to grow long hair fast 10.
Stay away from commercial hair products if you wish you grow long hair fast.
They contain ammonia, SLS, petroleum products that are harmful to your scalp and hair.
They tend to strip away sebum which is needed for the growth of your tresses 11.
Make use of a good thorough scalp massage.
A scalp massage will help send blood to the scalp.
A good supply of blood to the scalp will mean you get all the nutrients to nourish your newly growing follicles 12.
The best method by far to help grow long hair fast is to use a herbal oil.
A good herbal oil will supply all the oils and herbs that your scalp and hair needs to grow thicker and longer.
In summary you need to stick to these principles and tips I just shared with you.
It may take a little time but with time you will grow hair long fast with these tips I just shared with you.
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