Catch the Top Five Modern Movie Psychos on Satellite TV

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Every now and then, a movie with special killer appeal comes out.
In it, some fantastically nutty whack-job gives us a virtuoso performance in the art of celluloid madness.
These on screen monsters are downright creepy.
Their talents usually lie in the realm of killing, although some have other abilities which lend to their psycho status.
Without doubt, though, these cunning psychopaths make for a great movie.
They'll send chills right up your spine.
Be sure to catch these fascinating characters on your favorite movie channels via satellite TV.
Hannibal Lector: Immortalized by the ever-persuasive Anthony Hopkins in 'Silence of the Lambs' Hannibal Lector is a sleek, little man with a penchant for human sweet meats.
A brilliantly unhinged psychiatrist, Hannibal is first introduced to us behind the glass partition to his cell as he helps the young Clarice Starling crack the case of Buffalo Bill.
Hopkin's Hannibal was voted to be the most memorable villain in film history by the venerable American Film Institute.
You can catch this tongue wagging performance in HD, on any given movie channel.
Jack Torrance: Jack is the father character in the film adaption of Stephen King's The Shining.
Jack Nicholson plays the role to perfection.
At the beginning, Torrance is a placid everyman, with a few issues-he's a recovering alcoholic-but these are the least of worries.
After a period of time passes, the haunted hotel drives him insane.
He sees malevolent spirits while his young son chants red rum.
Nicholson seals the deal in the electrifying axe scene; once he sticks his head through the bathroom door and yells 'heeeere's Johnny' he becomes a trademark psycho and a cinema symbol of all that is dark and neurotic.
Frank Booth: Played to perfection by the one and only Dennis Hopper in the David Lynch classic Blue Velvet, Frank Booth is one disturbed sadomasochist.
Booth has cultivated a taste for torture, rape and kidnapping.
He frequently abuses Dorothy Vallens, a languid lounge singer, degrading her verbally, beating her and raping her, whilst all the while switching between two troubling personas 'daddy' and 'baby'.
He also enjoys huffing down gas and using foul language, sometimes at the same time.
Hopper's performance must be enjoyed in full HD quality.
Patrick Bateman: Bateman is the American Psycho extraordinaire.
A successful Wall Street broker by day, Mr.
Patrick Bateman spends his nights lusting after blood.
This modern yuppie portrayed by the chiseled Christian Bale, embodies the vacuity that is the young and rich.
While harping on the greatness of Genesis, he chases after prostitutes with chainsaws and nail guns as if he were participating in some grotesque sports competition.
Of course, the beauty of Bateman's work is that no one even cares, being so self absorbed in their own moneyed worlds.
Anton Chigurh: Chigurh's hair is styled after a bowl.
It's almost medieval.
While the bob gives oddness to Javier Bardem's character, it's not necessarily even the most remarkable aspect of Chigurh.
He has a peculiar halting accent.
He leaves the fate of his victims up to a coin.
If you happen to luck out, you might be done in by a cattle gun attached to a canister of compressed air.
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