Ghost Month in Tianjin - An Auspicious Time

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Do you live in an apartment or small house? Chances are, you don't have a lot of floor space on which to put a Christmas tree.
On the other hand, there is often unused wall space.
This is a fun and novel project to solve your tree dilemma.
Items needed: 9 artificial holiday wreaths Green florist's wire 1 box of Christmas bulbs Hooks 12 inches of ribbon Lights or any other decoration that you fancy Directions: Cut lengths of the wire and wire three of the wreaths together in a line.
Then wire two together.
Now center the two on the three and wire them together, pyramid style.
Then wire the remaining wreath centered on the two.
You now have your tree.
Loop the ribbon through the single wreath and tie it in a strong knot.
Make a bow if you wish.
This will bewhat you will use to hang your "tree.
" If you wish to wrap lights or tinsel around your tree, do this now, before you hang it.
Hang your tree.
Place the bulbs on the hooks and hang one inside each wreath and the remainder along the bottom.
Now, sit back and enjoy your new tree! Some options: Be creative when choosing your wreaths! You are not limited to plain green.
What about some that already have pinecones and flocking on them? For a rustic look, choose grapevine wreaths and rusty metal decorations.
For a country look, pick straw wreaths.
You aren't limited to ribbon.
Raffia, rope, a bandana and baling wire are just a few different looks you could use.
Just make sure it will be strong enough to hold your tree.
In place of traditional bulbs, try clove studded oranges, collection of small Santas or even sports figures! Your imagination is your only limit!
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