How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

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The teeth whitening process is a quick and non-invasive treatment that can improve the look of your smile in as little as one fifteen minute treatment.
One of the main components of the teeth whitening treatment consists of oxygen which is a powerful agent that can remove stains from the teeth in as little as one treatment.
Oxygen is used to penetrate the small pores of the tooth and remove staining.
The light is used in combination with the oxygen compounds to break the stains into smaller and smaller pieces and eventually this will cause the stains to disappear - causing the whitening appearance that we see in the results.
The typical teeth whitening treatment takes place in the dentist's office and uses a combination of whitening gel and ultraviolet lights to improve the appearance of the teeth up to five shades of white.
The whitening gel accelerates the process and can take stains from wine, smoking and years of neglected tooth care.
Many consumers are happy to realize that years of stains can be removed in as little as two fifteen minute tooth whitening treatments.
Depending on the scale of stains that are present on the teeth, it can take between three weeks to six months to remove the stains from the teeth.
There are two stains that have proven the most difficult to remove the teeth - these colors are dark brown and blue gray.
Once stains have reached this magnitude it can take multiple courses of strong teeth whitening treatments to restore the teeth to their natural white.
When teeth whitening treatments are executed properly, there are no damages that occur to the structure of the gums or the teeth.
The entire process of teeth whitening is completely safe and can demonstrate results that can last from two to three years.
What types of costs are associated with the whitening procedure? The typical costs that are associated with the procedure can range from seventy five to several hundred dollars per course of treatment.
Each treatment generally lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes and can increase the appearance of the smile almost instantaneously after the first course of treatment has been completed.
Teeth whitening procedures are generally safe and include very little side effects.
If there are side effects that occur from the treatment they are often generally mild and include; tooth sensitivity, mild discoloration in spots where the teeth have reacted differently to the whitening solution or irritation that can occur in the gum and mouth area around where the teeth have been whitened.
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