Keep Safe When Swimming in the Ocean

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Swimming is a fun way to get exercise, enjoy a family-oriented activity, and get some time outside.
But when you talk about swimming in the ocean, it can also be potentially very dangerous.
Luckily, with a few simple precautions, you can worry less about getting yourself in trouble in the water and more about simply having fun.
Because if you are at a city with a beach resort, Negril for example, you don't want to spend any time worrying.
Vacations are all about letting go of anything that causes stress.
So take a minute to read over these rules, and then get out in the ocean and swim! The first thing you should know when swimming in the ocean is to never swim in bad weather.
Beaches manned by lifeguards will usually let you know when it is safe to go in the water and when the weather warrants otherwise.
Heed these warnings, as they are there for a reason.
And speaking of lifeguards, only go to beaches that have one or several.
They may seem like all they do is sit in their tower and blow a whistle, but they may save your life if you get into a situation that calls for it.
Any inclusive Jamaica resort should have a lifeguard on duty, but you should probably check first.
It is always better to be safe than sorry! When swimming in the ocean, make sure you know how to swim.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people don't realize how quickly a riptide can grab you and pull you out into the ocean.
If you can't swim, it will be hard to stay above water long enough for the lifeguard to rescue you.
As for that riptide, don't venture too far out into the ocean.
Strong currents can pull you out into the ocean in a matter of seconds.
It's probably best to stay closer to the line of Ocho Rios hotels and the comfort of their beaches.
After all, you only need to get a few feet into the ocean to enjoy it! If you do get pulled into the ocean, swim parallel to the shoreline to get out of the pull of the riptide.
You can easily tire yourself out by trying to swim directly into shore.
There are more rules you should follow, but these are a good start.
Swim safely, and have fun!
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