2009 Tabby Cats Picture Gallery: Sparkle

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Butter was also my second Cat of the Week for December, 2009

Butter showed up in our back yard in 2004, skinny and lifeless as could be. I already had 3 cats, so Butter was going to be an outside cat. Many cold winter nights were spent spending time with Butter on the back deck. He in his winter coat and me in my winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves, a couple of pair of socks, etc. We named him Butter because when he wanted your attention, he would head-but your leg....hard!

When we first started spending time with him, he had a bad habit of biting. He quickly learned that if you bite, you don't get petted anymore and time spent with him was immediately terminated. We built Butter a house on the back deck complete with heated blanket, heating pad, electric heater and his very own fan in the summer time. All of the amenities one would want if living outside.

Eventually he became an indoor/outdoor cat and was quite demanding at that. He dominated the couch: he dominated your lap and he ate like a pig. (as you can see) Shortly after "rescuing" Butter, he was neutered and checked. Unfortunately he had FIV and FeLV. In early 2009, he developed an inner-ear infection which developed into some neurological problems. Though he was a tough ole' guy, with a compromised immune system, he passed away this last summer.

I cherish these photo's which capture his personality perfectly. We will always love, miss and think of Butter fondly. He captured our hearts and taught us what it meant to persevere, stay strong and cherish where you came from and how great life can really be.

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