Dextromethorphan Vs. Honey for Coughing

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    • Dextromethorphan treats the brain signals that trigger the cough reflex, according to It is found in a majority of generic and name-brand cough remedies, both for adults and children.


    • According to Medical News Today, honey was found to have a greater impact on alleviating cough severity and frequency. By coating the throat with its thick liquid, the cough was eased and users slept more soundly.


    • Use of dextromethorphan has not been supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics or the American College of Chest Physicians, states Medical News Today. Other options, such as honey, have been utilized by different cultures for years.

    Interesting Fact

    • Coughs bring about 3 percent of all outpatient visits in the United States, states Medical News Today.


    • Honey should not be used on infants younger than 1 year. Dextromethorphan should not be taken with MAO inhibitors and will not treat coughs from smoking, emphysema or asthma.

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