Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend - Cherish the Memories But Live Your Life Now

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Know When It Is Finally Over

Making a relationship work is quite a task. You have to really get involved physically and emotionally. But nothing can bring you more happiness than being in a harmonious relationship with this special person. However, not all relationships are made in heaven and sadly, a lot don't end up as we expect it. We can turn this negative event into a learning experience and somehow apply the realization to our next relationship. It is not easy to get out of the miserable feeling of breaking up with a person you really care about, so we would like you to try the following tips below and perhaps, make the task of moving on a bit easier for you.

Stop Getting In Touch With Your Ex

Following this tip will be almost next to impossible, because right after the break-up you will be hurting and you feel that the only person who can take the hurt away is your ex. On the contrary, the more you see this person, especially if she has already moved on, the more you will be miserable as all the negative feelings of regret, sadness and pain will come flowing back to you. Thus, if you don't see your ex, you would be able to sort your thoughts and emotions more objectively. If you have a common set of friends, you should at least try for the moment not to cross your ex's path for obvious reasons.

Stop All Forms of Communications

The most ideal scenario would be to for ex-partners to remain friends and not estranged after a breakup, however, the possibility would be quite remote. If you wants to be able to move on you should cut clean and go "cold turkey". No more texts, MSNs, emails or phone calls, because if you do not break this emotional habit, you will never be able to be clear of your ex and make room for a new relationship.

Be Physically Active and Make New Friends and Acquaintances

It is a natural tendency for the hurt partner to crawl into solitude while trying to deal with the loss and hurt. However, staying at home alone may not be the best move to take as loneliness will make you think more of what you should be forgetting. To keep your mind occupied, you should engage yourself in productive and interesting activities which will enable you to meet new friends from whence you might be able to form a new relationship.

Nobody said the business of getting over someone you once loved is easy, but it is doable. However, you should make yourself visible to the world to let everyone who might be interested that you are available. Your ex girlfriend is a part of your past and if there is no longer the possibility of winning her back, the wise thing to do is move on. Cherish the good part of the relationship and learn from the things that made it sour. Keep yourself in good shape physically and emotionally so you would be able to do your next relationship some justice.
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